stolensunday - FAQs and all sorts of information you want to know about sf scarf brand stolen sunday


Who are you?

We are Stolen Sunday. We are a couple crazy kids from San Francisco and we are here to show you (and your neck) a really good time.

These infinity scarves, how do you wear them?

Well there are (…ahem) almost infinite possibilities. Up? Down? Looped or loose? Experiment and rock it.


What the heck is a scoodie?

It's the garment of the future! A little bit of hoodie, a little bit of scarf, a whole lot of rad. These things are super versatile, super comfortable, and so good looking.

So how do I wear this scoodie thing?

You put on the hood and then choose your own adventure. Do you want to leave it loose and throw your hands in the pockets? Do you want to wrap it and snap it? One up, one down? It’ll all look good with your scood.

How do I wash this thing?

It is best to hand wash it. Or on a delicate cycle in the washer. Then lay it flat to dry. Viola! Clean scarf party!


How will this stuff find me?

We ship via the US Post Office. Orders will be shipped 2-3 days after your purchase. Wait... did we mention shipping on orders over $200 bucks are on us? Well, they are.

What’s up with returns/exchanges?

If you aren’t happy with any of your Stolen Sunday gear, just send it back to us with your name and we will put that money right back on your credit card. Exchanges? No problem. Write us a note, ship it back our direction and we will take care of it. (Return address: 3309 Mission St, SF, CA 94110)

Do you ship internationally?

Norway, New Zealand, Nepal, Nicaragua, Nigeria … No problem! We ship everywhere. If you want some Stolen Sunday in your life we will get it there, no matter where the postman finds you. 

What do you mean when you say 100% California made?

We are proud to make conscious California clothing. Our line uses fabrics that are produced for us, fairly in Los Angeles and all our garments are sewn right here in San Francisco. That makes Stolen Sunday California made, through and through.

For questions that are less frequent but just as important, please feel free to contact us directly at  We will hit you right back.